Choosing the Right Smartphone8 Tips for Choosing the Right Smartphone for you

Choosing a phone can be challenging since there are a lot of phones out there that have close similarities.  Phones vary in design, software, and camera among many more. Today we are here to provide you with a simple walk-through on how you should go about when you intend to buy or upgrade your phone.

1. Size.

Phone size varies depending on the manufacturer’s focus on the use of the phone. Small-sized phones are good since they can fit in your pocket and also, they can be operated using one hand. On the other this kind of phones are not suitable for gaming and watching movies since they have a small screen. Larger phones are common these days since they have a lot of advantages, you can use them to watch large content and do gaming, and on the other hand, they give the manufacturer a larger space to provide a larger battery.

2. Camera

With the advancement of technology, phones these days come with larger sensors of up to 180Mp and above. These are ideal to take those beautiful photos and also allow you to shoot videos of up to 8k. With this advancement in camera technology, phones come with different pricing, and therefore when you are budgeting on a phone take the pricing factor into consideration. To choose a phone based on the camera, have a look at features such as the megapixels, Aperture, and the zoom factor of the lens. For example, a wide-angle lens allows you to capture a large landscape.

3. Operating System.

There are 2 major smartphone operating systems that is widely known that is iOS and Android not forgetting Harmony OS another latest Operating system that is developed by Huawei. iOS is developed by Apple and operates on iPhone Devices and Android is Developed by Google and operates on all other major smartphone devices including Samsung, Xiaomi, and Google pixels among many more. iOS is known for its security features.

4. Battery

Battery dictates the usage of your phone. A larger battery means you can use your phone for a longer time and therefore you can manage to do much on a single charge. It is good to have a look at the battery’s extra features such as fast charging and wireless charging.

5. Speed

Speed is a key factor in the operation of a mobile phone since it plays a major role in how you interact with content such as gaming. Have a look at the speed of the processor and the Ram. A bigger ram ensures that you can do more tasks on your phone at the same time.

6. Connectivity 4G Or 5G

Almost all phones support 4G. in 2020 there was the introduction of 5G which is more efficient, stable, and fast in that you can download large volumes of data within a short period of time.

7. Policy and Security Update

OS policy and security updates are released every year and it is very important to check if the phone you intend to buy is within the security update timelines mostly 4 years.  This helps phone stability and battery life

8. Comparison

Having done the above it’s time to compare phones that meet the specification of your choice. Compare one phone against another side by side checking the cons and pros of the phones.

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