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After years of speculation and anticipation, Google has finally unveiled its first-ever foldable smartphone: the Pixel Fold. Priced at $1,799, the Pixel Fold is set to compete head-to-head with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, and preorders for the device began on May 10th, with shipping scheduled to begin in June.


While this is Google’s first foray into the world of foldable smartphones, early reviews of the device suggest that it has a lot of potential. The Pixel Fold is a high-end, niche device that pushes the boundaries of what a mobile phone can be. As a device that can be held and manipulated in your hands, the Pixel Fold is a joy to use. The hinge is stiff but not cumbersome, and the screens look great. Google’s apps and software appear to work well on the device, and it’s likely that any future folding phone features built into Android will be designed with the Pixel Fold in mind.


The Pixel Fold is a “phablet” that transforms from a compact, 5.8-inch phone into a 7.6-inch tablet thanks to its flexible screen and hinge, providing users with a spacious screen to run apps, watch video, play games, or whatever else they want to do with a mobile device. This kind of device design offers a lot of flexibility, as it allows users to switch from a phone that can be easily used in one hand to a larger screen for reading, using apps, or watching videos.


The Pixel Fold’s displays are both OLED panels with 120Hz refresh rates, and the inner screen is covered in ultrathin glass, with a factory-installed screen protector that is not meant to be removed. The 1080 x 2092 pixel outside screen can hit up to 1550 nits of brightness, while the 2208 x 1840 pixel inner display hits up to 1450 nits, making both screens quite usable outdoors. The device is powered by a Tensor 2 processor, which is the same processor found in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, paired with 12GB of RAM. The Pixel Fold also boasts five cameras: two 8.3-megapixel cameras, one on the outside for selfies and another above the inner display for video calls, and three cameras on the back: a 48-megapixel optically-stabilized main camera, a 10.8-megapixel ultrawide, and a 10.8-megapixel 5x telephoto.


It’s impossible to talk about the Pixel Fold without comparing it to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. While the two devices are quite similar, Google has made some different choices from Samsung on a variety of fronts. For example, the aspect ratios on both screens are different, with the Pixel Fold featuring a shorter and wider outside screen that behaves more like a standard smartphone when closed. Similarly, the inner display on the Pixel Fold has a 6:5 landscape aspect ratio, which gives the device a larger screen on the inside than the Samsung. The Pixel Fold also features a hinge that can fold completely flat, without any gap between the screens when it’s closed.


Overall, the Pixel Fold is an exciting addition to the world of foldable smartphones. While it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other devices on the market, it’s high-end specs and unique design make it a compelling option for anyone looking to push the boundaries of what a mobile device can do.

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