charging your iPhone BEST Practise

Why Charging Your iPhone To 100 Percent is Not Healthy

You might always be tempted to charge your phone from charge when it falls below 5% and then charges it to 100% as it may look okay and ideal, but this might not be the best practice. iPhone, like many other electronic gadgets, is made using Lithium-ion batteries and the more you charge and discharge it the more the battery degrade. As you may take a look at your iPhone you might see the maximum, battery capacity of your phone has dropped over some time let’s say to 85% this means that 15% of the lithium battery cells have degraded or time.

With the use of software, iPhone ensures slow charging when your phone reaches 80% and when discharging the iPhone activates battery optimizing setting when it reaches 20% this is to ensure that the battery health is maintained. The ideal charge of an iPhone is between 20-80%.

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