why Nothing phones is Exciting

Why is Nothing Phone (1)  Special?

Nothing phone 1 has just been launched and released, this phone has created mixed reactions based on its looks and its capability to compete with other tech giants such as Apple and Samsung. Despite this mixed reaction, the phone made its debut and was received with a lot of excitement. The phone goes contrary to its name by offering an amazing design and features that make this phone a high-end mid-range phone. The Nothing’s boss has even stated that they want to make tech fun again and true to their words the Nothing phone is a true engineering masterpiece. Here are the 3 fascinating things that make this phone special.

The Transparent Back

nothing phone 1 transparent back
(Image Credits: Nothing website)

The transparent back is made of Gorilla glass that is tough to breakage and damage. The transparent back shows a number of the beautifully arranged components of the phone which are surrounded by beautiful lights.

The Lights Pattern

nothing phone 1 lights
(Image Credits: Nothing Website)

This phone has a signature Glyph Interface fitted with 900 LEDs that shows each and every notification using a light indicator and also a battery level indicator while charging. The lights also act as a source of light when doing macro photography. A combination of the Phones, audio haptic patterns, and lights is more exciting when receiving notifications and also calls.

The Overall design.

nothing phone 1 design
(image credits: Nothing website)

The Nothing Phone (1) has an iPhone 13/ 12 look that makes it more premium than other mid-range phones and the Glyph Interface signature makes the design more interesting.

The Nothing OS

nothing phone 1 os
(Image Credits: Nothing Website)

The nothing OS comes with amazing circular elements such as the home screen folders where you can arrange/ store your favorite apps, and now you have an opportunity to have access to all your favorite apps with just a single tap. This now offers Nothing Phone Enthusiasts a richer experience.

Check the Full Nothing Phone (1) Specs and Price HERE

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