Xbox Game Pass Prices Surge: New Standard Tier Unveiled

Xbox Game Pass Price Hike Announcement with New Standard Subscription Tier Details

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to Increase to $19.99 a Month

In a strategic move aimed at reshaping its gaming subscription services, Microsoft is set to increase the prices for its popular Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass in September. The tech giant has begun notifying subscribers of the impending changes, which will see the monthly cost for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate rise to $19.99, a $3 increase from the current $16.99. Meanwhile, PC Game Pass subscribers will experience a price adjustment from $9.99 to $11.99 per month, though they will retain access to new titles on their release day.

PC Game Pass Prices Rise Amid Major Game Additions

This announcement comes as Microsoft prepares to introduce significant additions to its Game Pass library, including the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 and other major first-party Xbox games later this year. The company believes these new titles will enhance the value proposition of Game Pass, justifying the price adjustments. The last increase in Game Pass prices occurred just over a year ago, reflecting a $1–$2 hike per month.

New Xbox Game Pass Standard Subscription Launches Soon

In addition to the price increases, Microsoft is rolling out a new subscription option: Xbox Game Pass Standard. Priced at $14.99 per month, this tier will not include day-one access to first-party Xbox games but will feature online console multiplayer access, an addition that the existing Xbox Game Pass for Console lacked. This new subscription is set to be available to new users in the coming months. Until then, the current Xbox Game Pass for Console will remain available only to existing subscribers, who will be able to maintain their subscriptions or stack them up to 13 months from September 18th.

New Subscription Options and Price Hikes for Xbox Game Pass

The introduction of the Xbox Game Pass Standard reflects Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to diversify its subscription offerings and cater to different segments of the gaming community. By providing a lower-cost option without day-one game access, Microsoft aims to attract a broader audience who may not need immediate access to new releases but still want to enjoy a robust library of games and online multiplayer features.

Call of Duty Addition Spurs Xbox Game Pass Price Increase

Call of Duty Addition Spurs Xbox Game Pass Price Increase

The decision to raise prices and introduce a new subscription tier comes amidst broader industry trends and strategic moves. In May, rumors surfaced that Microsoft was contemplating a price hike for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, driven in part by the company’s plans to integrate Activision’s Call of Duty series into the service. The addition of such a high-profile franchise is expected to significantly boost the appeal of Game Pass, necessitating a higher price point to support the expanded content library.

What You Need to Know About Xbox Game Pass Price Changes

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, subscription services like Xbox Game Pass remain a central component of Microsoft’s strategy. The company is committed to delivering value through a diverse and ever-expanding catalog of games, and these pricing adjustments are part of a broader effort to sustain and enhance the service.

For subscribers outside the United States, Microsoft has provided a comprehensive list of global price changes, ensuring transparency and allowing users to understand how the adjustments will impact their subscriptions. As the September 12th date approaches, Xbox Game Pass subscribers worldwide will be keenly watching how these changes unfold and what new opportunities and experiences they will bring.

Microsoft Adjusts Game Pass Prices, Adds New Subscription Tier

With these developments, Microsoft is not only reaffirming its commitment to providing a premium gaming experience but also adapting to the evolving demands of the gaming market. The introduction of the Xbox Game Pass Standard and the price adjustments for existing tiers are strategic steps aimed at maintaining the service’s competitive edge and continuing to offer unparalleled value to gamers around the world.


What It Means for Gamers

Microsoft's Price Hike and New Xbox Game Pass Subscription Tier: What It Means for Gamers
Microsoft’s upcoming price increase for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass, combined with the introduction of a new Standard subscription tier, signals a significant shift in the company's gaming strategy. Starting September 12th, the cost for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will rise to $19.99 per month, while PC Game Pass will see a bump to $11.99 per month.
The price adjustments come ahead of major game releases, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, and reflect Microsoft's effort to balance the financial demands of expanding its game library with maintaining the service's value proposition. The new Xbox Game Pass Standard tier, set at $14.99 per month, offers a more affordable option for gamers by excluding day-one access to new releases but still providing online multiplayer features.
These changes represent Microsoft’s strategy to diversify subscription options and cater to various gamer needs, from those seeking immediate access to the latest games to those focused on a broad library and multiplayer experiences. For existing subscribers, there’s a chance to lock in current rates for up to 13 months before the new pricing takes effect.
In conclusion: Microsoft’s latest moves reflect a strategic realignment aimed at enhancing the Xbox Game Pass experience while adjusting to the demands of a growing game catalog and a competitive market. Whether these changes will be welcomed or met with resistance will largely depend on how well Microsoft manages to deliver on the promised value of their expanded game offerings and the new subscription tier.


  • Expanded Game Library: Access to major upcoming releases like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.
  • New Subscription Tier: A more affordable option for gamers who don’t need day-one game access.


  • Price Increases: Higher monthly fees for both Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass.
  • Limited Current Options: New subscribers will not be able to choose the Console-only plan after July 10th.
Overall, these adjustments are a bold step towards strengthening Xbox Game Pass’s role in the gaming landscape, but they come with trade-offs that gamers will need to weigh based on their personal preferences and gaming habits.
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